Support to Joint Test & Evaluation (JT&E) Program Office (JPO)

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AdSTM was the Prime contractor for the JPO contract, based primarily out of Suffolk, VA. AdSTM’s support provided strategic, technical, program, and resource management to the JPO Program Manager. AdSTM coordinated with OSD, the Services, Joint Staff, U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), the Combatant Commands, and National Agencies in support of the JT&E Program. We  provided JPO budget development and resource management, and provided briefing assistance for high-level briefings, including at the Senior Advisory Counsel (SAC).

AdSTM provided many of the key positions at the JT&E Joint Test Support Cell (JTSC) in Suffolk, VA. The JTSC provides technical and operational test and evaluation expertise to support joint tests, joint feasibility study (JFS) and quick reaction test (QRT) nominations, a “quick start” capability, joint test execution, and integration of test products. AdSTM’s Operations Research Systems Analysts (ORSAs), Test Planners, Modeling & Simulation Engineer, and Analysts provided the following support to the JTSC:

  • Provided day-to-day execution and management of all assigned Joint Test projects
  • Coordinated with OSD, the Services, Joint Staff, and JFCOM.
  • Provided technical consultation and advice to the JT&E PM in the design, development, planning, and implementation of JT&E tests and studies, including areas of test concept, test design, test measures, and analysis techniques.
  • Monitored and assessed all facets of Joint Test planning, conduct, test execution and reporting, and provided JFCOM J7/J8 Liaison
  • Provided Test Planning, Modeling and Simulation, and Operations Analysis.

AdSTM also provided the JTSC Facility Support Team in Suffolk which provided a full range of support to JFSs, QRTs, and JT&Es, including facility management, security management, information technology (IT) and information assurance (IA), budgeting and financial management, contracts/procurement, warehouse and equipment management, graphics and web design, technical editing, library control, outreach (conferences and symposiums), and office operations.